LPAA Core Value Video Submissions

In 2015, Aphasia Access added a variety of introductory videos to its free, downloadable video library (www.AphasiaAccess.org/videos). These resources have been used in university programs, board rooms, with families and healthcare professionals eager to learn key concepts to the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia. Now, we reach out to you, LPAA providers across North America who help individuals and families coping with aphasia. Sharing one’s experiences is empowering and we hope you will join in this meaningful opportunity.  

Aphasia Access invites you and the people you help to be part of an exciting video series illustrating the 5 Core Values (5 core values) of the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia. By inviting an individual(s) to be interviewed on camera, you’ll empower the individual(s) most eager to help others understand aphasia, what worked well or not so well along their journey. Choose your most effective communicators (whether by words or an adaptive method), thrilled by the idea that their stories may be selected. This is a multi-site invitation, one we hope will show diverse geographic locations, ages, ethnicity and race.  

Ultimately, we want to illustrate the plight of people with aphasia and their loved ones … what could have gone better … and how the core values respond to many of the challenges at hand.  


For Person with Aphasia

1. How has your aphasia changed your life?

2. What help or therapy did you receive for your aphasia?    
a. Did your hospital speech therapy help you achieve the goals you wanted?    
b. How does THIS (LPAA) aphasia program/service help you achieve your goals?

3. How has your aphasia affected your family and friends?

4. How do you manage to stay involved in important activities?      
a. What are you still able to do?      
b. What is still hard to do?      
c. What would help you to do more?

5. What else would you like to tell us about your life and living with aphasia?

For Care Partner

1. How has your loved ones aphasia changed your life?

2. Were you included in your loved one’s aphasia therapy?      
a. If not, how would it have helped you (or other loved ones) to have been included?      
b. If you are part of an on-going aphasia program, how do you think it has helped your loved one achieve his/her personal goals?  
c. If you are part of an on-going aphasia program, how do you think it has helped you?


-- The videos should be no longer than 1-2 minutes in duration per interview question, and must be submitted no later than October 24th.  

-- The interview questions may be answered with spoken words and/or adaptive communication styles (drawing, writing, etc.) If a sign is held up, be sure it is visually large and easy to see (black marker), held up toward the camera for the viewer to see.  

-- As with all submissions to the Aphasia Access Core Values project, no assurances can be provided as to whether your video will appear in the final videos. If your video is selected, you will be contacted via e-mail.  

-- By submitting a video, each party automatically gives permission for their videotaped interviews to be included, in part or full, within the final product. This teaching tool video project will be available for free download.  

1) Create your homemade video according to the technical specifications listed below.      
a. Please film your video using a smartphone or tablet.      
b. Please film your video using the phone/tablet in a horizontal position →, instead of a vertical ↑ one.      
c. Please film your video in a well-lit room with minimal background distractions, or if filming outdoors, do not shoot with the sun behind the person/people talking.      
d. Please film your video in a quiet area where background noise is minimal.      
e. Video must be in a .mp4 format for submission - (this is the standard format for most smartphone and tablet made videos)     
f. Please name your video title in this format:      "City, Person Interviewed, question #" -- e.g. "Chicago Smith_1" “Chicago Smith_2”      
g. For help or questions, please email Sean - cagsean@gmail.com  

To submit a Video please complete the form below,