Special Preview - White Paper on the State of Aphasia


In early Fall of 2017, Aphasia Access will release a research study sure to impact aphasia care moving forward. Conducted over the course of the last year, and overseen by Nina Simmons-Mackie, Ph.D. this report is a look into the state of aphasia in North America. 

This resource goes beyond awareness and other top line metrics to dive into the real challenges on the front lines of aphasia care. It will be in demand for anyone looking to set research and service priorities, not to mention grab the attention of funders, policymakers, and the media.
Over the coming weeks, as the release of the white paper approaches, Aphasia Access plans to use this page to share previews and updates about the white paper. Once published, this page will be a hub for additional resources and community conversation as aphasia access strives to help you fully leverage the value of this trailblazing research.




August 30th

This page is expanded to include call outs of findings of note from the research paper.

July 8th

Aphasia Access launches this online home for its White Paper on the State Aphasia of Aphasia.

Coming Soon...

Video interviews with Dr. Nina Simmons-Mackie (project PI - on what's in the white paper) and Kathryn Shelly (Aphasia Access Board Chair - on why the timing was right for this project)

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White Paper Previews

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Slides from Nina Simmons-Mackie's Leadership Summit Presentation

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