Aphasia Group Activity - Conversation Jenga

In this group activity, we will introduce the activity by discussing the variety of ways to communicate, verbal and nonverbal. Use this activity to expand vocabulary, to support verbal or written skills, and to have a great time! 

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 Title Conversation Jenga
Author and/or Submitter

Claire Konen, BS

Speech-Language Pathologist Graduate Student



  • Questions are printed out and taped to each Jenga piece. Jenga is assembled according to the typical rules and the same rules apply throughout the activity. When someone selects a Jenga piece, the individual is encouraged to read the question aloud to the group and answer the question. To keep everyone engaged, each player can answer the question as well. All players are encouraged to ask follow-up questions depending on each person's response.

Resources/Materials Needed:
  • Materials needed include Jenga, tape, and a variety of questions printed out on paper. Typically these would be a little abstract such as "What is the weirdest food you have ever eaten?" However, these questions can be whatever the leader/clinician chooses.

Preparation for Details:


  • Generate questions (one for each Jenga piece) and type them out. Print them on a piece of paper, cut them according to the Jenga piece size, then tape to the piece. If you do not want to print them, you can write them in marker on each piece.
Preparation Time Needed 
for First Administration
  • 10-20 minutes
Preparation Time Needed for Subsequent Administrations
  • Less than 10 minutes
Time Needed for (or Best Suited to) Administration of Activity
  • Flexible, can be adapted to time available

Selection Criteria
(See Below if Applicable)

  • No restrictions, anyone with aphasia can do this activity.

Criteria for 
Successful Participation
Adaptation Details  This format works well in individual therapy with additional WH questions to stimulate word retrieval, production and transfer to sentences.
Other Adaptation Details  Clinician/leader can assist individuals in reading the question as well as selecting the Jenga piece. Clinician/leader can write a question in a larger font for individuals. Questions can be tailored to the individual and length/content can be adjusted for an individual.
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