Aphasia Resource Kits

supplied by Cognitive Concierge


The Tools You Need, All In One Kit

Cognitive Concierge has partnered with Aphasia Access to create an Aphasia Resource Kit as part of their series of resource kits and cognitive classes. These downloadable kits include handouts, signage, and customizable aphasia tools that have been deisgned for SLPs and OTs, University Clinics and rehab centers, and families.

Your purchase supports Aphasia Access

Use coupon code aphasiaaccess and 25% of your purchase is directly donated to Aphasia Access. 

Cognitive Concierge Resource Kits

Current Kits Include:

Aphasia | ALF/Memory Care | Behavior | Hearing Loss | Independent Living | Memory | Rehab | Respite | Visual Impairments

You can view Cogitive Concierge’s kits on their website at MyCogntiveConcierge.com 


  • Individual Kits: $35
  • All-Kits Package: $299
  • Multi-Site Package: $499