At this year's Leadership Summit, Aphasia Access was proud to present two prestigious awards - the Audrey Holland Award and the Aphasia Access Innovator Award - both of which acknowledge excellence in aphasia care and recognize the vital importance of the Life Participation Approach (LPAA).

The Audrey Holland Award is our organization's highest award acknowledging distinguished contribution to the LPAA and we are excited to recognize two winners of this award for 2017. Congratulations to Dr. Aura Kagan (Aphasia Institute) and Dr. Nina Simmons-Mackie (Southeastern Louisiana University). Thank you for your outstanding accomplishments and inspiring leadership in the aphasia community! 

The Aphasia Access Innovator Award recognizes the work of an Aphasia Access member who has considered the LPAA from a novel and diverse perspective and addressed challenges in a creative and innovative manner. We'd like to congratulate the Inaugural Recipient of this award, Maura Silverman (Triangle Aphasia Project Unlimited), a true advocate whose creative efforts have been driven by her passion, commitment, and genuine empathetic connections to the people she cares for. 

We cannot thank our 2017 Award Winners enough for their meritorious contributions to aphasia care, the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia (LPAA) and communication access in healthcare. You truly have made a difference.