Summit Speaker Updates (4/5)


This note is the final email with speaker updates before the Summit. At this point, please make sure to periodically check our live blog (link below) for additional information.

Live Blog:

A couple of final updates:

If you have not yet registered for the Summit, please do so at your earliest convenience via If you use the code “speaker” at registration, you will access a special discounted rate – you need to register to have access credentials to give your talk.

If you have not already, please set up your access to the online Summit Portal. You would have received a “Course Invitation” from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, who is hosting the Summit on their learning management system. If you need the invitation resent, please email

If you haven’t already, please make sure to share your cell phone number with Jess Campbell ( We need this to contact you directly should circumstances require on the day of your presentation.

You will access your talk via the Summit portal. There will be a live link to Zoom on that day’s schedule.. Both attendees and presenters will access the talk with the same link.

Many thanks to everyone who attended a prep call last week. One of the calls’ recommendations was to create a unique zoom background you can use during your presentation. While the technology will place you on the first page when speaking, some folks thought a background could help call you out as well.

The background is attached below. We are also sharing information on how to use the background ( There is no expectation that you will use the background; that is up to you.

P.S. As a reminder…we will be videotaping sessions and making them available to attendees (through June 2021) and the broader community after that. Please keep that in mind as you present. If there are any materials (e.g., videos) that we should remove from an enduring copy of your talk (e.g. for HIPAA or privacy concerns). Your delivery of the presentation will constitute a release for Aphasia Access to use the video as mentioned above.