State of Aphasia Report

State of Aphasia, Volume 2

In 2009, we said this when we released The State of Aphasia

The inability to communicate is devastating to people with aphasia and their families; yet, there has been no single resource describing the social, financial and life quality consequences of aphasia, until now. If you are looking for reams of current statistics, compelling stories, and a one-stop report to understand the state of aphasia care in North America, this is it. Overseen by Nina Simmons-Mackie, Ph.D. this report has the latest figures on aphasia frequency, identifies service gaps, and presents impact data on stroke and aphasia care. This comprehensive report is the tool for anyone looking to set aphasia research or aphasia service priorities, not to mention grab the attention of funders, policymakers, healthcare administration, and the media.

Today, as we release Volume 2 of this report, the core focus and approach remain the same…at the same time, Nina Simmons-Mackie, Ph.D. and Jamie Azios, Ph.D., CCC-SLP (co-investigator for Volume 2) have expanded this new edition by widening the lens to look at the state of aphasia world-wide and including a thorough review of research that addressed gap areas outlined in the first edition of the report. Volume 2 will also point to gaps that still remain and identify new gap areas needing our collective attention.

Volume 2 of the report will be released in quarterly installments with the first piece available in early July 2023. You can check out the full table of contents, with content focused around The Impact on the Person with Aphasia, The Impact of Aphasia on Family and Caregivers and the Impact of Aphasia on Society by clicking here.

Want to get a sense of the content that made the report an important resource in 2019 and will again today, click below for the Executive Summary from the first iteration of the report and a sample from one of the first chapters to be released in early July.

– The Executive Summary from 2019
– A Sample from Volume 2

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